My Science Olympiad Project

I signed up for an event in Science Olympiad called Robocross, and had to construct a robot.  I had a lot of fun while constructing it.  I did it over winter break and it looks great.  It has several functions like a camera, driving, and like picking stuff up.  It was a fun project and I hope I get to do a project like this again.

Off-road Tow Truck

I have made an off-road tow truck and spare tires connected to the truck.  The front of the tow truck looks like the Volkswagen Hippie Van.  


My Sons Creation:
He is very creative and has a passion for engineering. Also, he is crafty and loves to build things!

Spring Break camp

In my garage i did spring break camp. kids love to make Canvas painting, Birdhouse and picture frame. They all have a different imagination and creativity.

  They have lots of  fun to making art.


This blog is for my daughter Wamil and son Vasav ~ They are very creative & have lots of passion to make unique stuff. I love sharing my kids creativity with everyone.